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Early Years

In our Reception Class we have started with a walk in the woods looking for bear prints. This has sparked interest in our main book this month written by the talented Michael Rosen, ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’. This has led to creating dens and bear traps! We are steaming ahead with learning all our sounds and using these in our reading and writing. We are exploring all areas of learning in our hands on approach through activities such as searching for animals in the outside area using positional language. This term a group of parent/carers will be joining us each Friday morning for an hour to play in our classroom with us. The focus for these mornings this term is going to be early maths and how to support this at home.
In Nursery we have started this term with exploring the book ‘Rainbow Fish’. We have made some amazing fish crowns. We have lots of new friends in our nursery class and we are working hard at getting to know each other, and supporting each other in our play. Our play has led to experimenting with dancing and responding to music. Some of us are enjoying exploring jewels and stones, which has made us think about pirates and searching for treasure using maps. This has led to interesting writing and some advanced maths! We are counting everything around us, we are counting how many times we stamp our feet, clap our hands and even working out how many it is if we add one more!