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Badock's Wood Community Primary School and Children's Centre believes that all children have the right to reach their full potential and nothing should be a barrier to achieveing this.  We strongly believe in an inclusive school and everychild should be nurtured to ensure they have a fullfilling and enjoyable time. By ensuring that every teacher is a teacher of every child - including those with SEN -  we can ensure that they are receiving the correct support.


At Badock's Wood Community Primary School and Children's Centre we pride ourselves on building aspirational learners. All our children inlcuding those with SEN are given targets to strive for; we belive that with the right level of support all children can achieve. We have created the following documents and links to demonstrate how we will support your children and how you as a parent can receive the support you need to work alongside us to ensure we create the best environment in which our children may excel. 


If you wish to discuss any concerns you may have about your child please do not hesitate to contact our SENCo Nicolette Jones at or call the school office to arrange a meeting. 



Websites parents may find useful:

To contact the SENCo, please email