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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff.


Leadership 1 Head Teacher - Mr Zak Willis
Leadership 2 Deputy Head - Miss Sarah Andrews
Leadership 3 Assistant Head - Mrs Tracey Cotterell
Leadership 4 Assistant Head - Mr Joe elwood

Early Years Teaching Staff

Early Years Teaching Staff 1 Early Years Leader - Mrs Tracey Cotterall
Early Years Teaching Staff 2 Nursery Teacher - Ms Ellie Hurley
Early Years Teaching Staff 3 Nursery Teacher - Ms Bethan Owens
Early Years Teaching Staff 4 Reception Teacher - Miss Joanne Thomas
Early Years Teaching Staff 5 Reception Teacher - Miss Ellie Clarke

KS1 Teaching Staff

KS1 Teaching Staff 1 Year 1 Teacher - Mrs Millie Coleman
KS1 Teaching Staff 2 Year 1 Teacher - Miss Tara Francis
KS1 Teaching Staff 3 Year 2 Teacher - Mr Alex Ray

KS2 Teaching Staff

KS2 Teaching Staff 1 Year 3 Teacher - Mrs Lotte Slee
KS2 Teaching Staff 2 Year 3 Teacher - Miss Abi Bointon
KS2 Teaching Staff 3 Year 4 Teacher - Miss Katie Golden
KS2 Teaching Staff 4 Year 4 Teacher - Miss Amy Felvus
KS2 Teaching Staff 5 Year 5 Teacher - Miss Charlotte Tector
KS2 Teaching Staff 6 Year 5 Teacher - Mr Joe Elwood
KS2 Teaching Staff 7 Year 5 Teacher - Mrs Ruth Hathway
KS2 Teaching Staff 8 Year 6 Teacher - Miss Felicity Sanderson

Specialist Teachers

Specialist Teachers 1 Phonics Leader - Miss Hannah Beeks
Specialist Teachers 2 Reading Recovery Teacher - Mrs Margaret Casserley
Specialist Teachers 3 Gifted and Talented Teacher - Miss Laura Dixon
Specialist Teachers 4 SENCO - Miss Sarah Andrews

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mrs Chris Britton
Support Staff 2 Miss Samantha Pruett
Support Staff 3 Mrs Alison Stenner
Support Staff 4 Ms Carole Davidson
Support Staff 5 Ms Sarah Oakley
Support Staff 6 Mrs Justine Lewis
Support Staff 7 Ms Teresa Fitzgerald
Support Staff 8 Mr James Pearce
Support Staff 9 Miss Sophie Jenkins
Support Staff 10 Mrs Tracy Maddaford
Support Staff 11 Mr Neil Osborn
Support Staff 12 Mrs Karen Cousins
Support Staff 13 Miss Vasiliki Rova
Support Staff 14 Ms Philippa Tay
Support Staff 15 Miss Jess Wilkes
Support Staff 16 Mr Paul Maddaford
Support Staff 17 Mrs Sophie Rowe
Support Staff 18 Miss Laura Thompson

Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff 1 Business Manager - Ms Julia Ringrose
Administrative Staff 2 Bursar - Mrs Ellen Ford
Administrative Staff 3 Administrator - Ms Susan Lee
Administrative Staff 4 Receptionist - Miss Jessica Claridge
Administrative Staff 5 Receptionist - Mrs Audra Atkins


Caretaker 1 Mr Neil Iles

School Meals Supervisory Assistants

School Meals Supervisory Assistants 1 Mrs Bev Collins
School Meals Supervisory Assistants 2 Miss Amy Collins
School Meals Supervisory Assistants 3 Miss Helena Euenden
School Meals Supervisory Assistants 4 Miss Jane Faulkner
School Meals Supervisory Assistants 5 Mrs Maninder Kaur
School Meals Supervisory Assistants 6 Miss Rita Golding