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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff.


Leadership 1 Headteacher - Miss Becky Harriman
Leadership 2 Assistant Head - Mr Joe elwood
Leadership 3 Assistant Head - Mrs Tracey Cotterell
Leadership 4 Behavior Support- Mrs Claire Peters
Leadership 5 Lead Practitioner - Mrs Sam Kelly
Leadership 6 Lead Practitioner- Mrs Lakmini Harkus
Leadership 7 Maths Lead - Mrs Helen Robbins

Early Years Teaching Staff

Early Years Teaching Staff 1 Early Years Leader - Mrs Tracey Cotterall
Early Years Teaching Staff 2 Nursery Teacher - Ms Ellie Hurley
Early Years Teaching Staff 3 Reception Teacher - Ms Bethan Owens (Mat cover)
Early Years Teaching Staff 4 Reception Teacher - Miss Joanne Thomas (Mat leave)

KS1 Teaching Staff

KS1 Teaching Staff 1 Year 1/2 Teacher - Mrs Millie Coleman
KS1 Teaching Staff 2 Year 1/2 Teacher - Mr Alex Ray
KS1 Teaching Staff 3 Year 1/2 Teacher - Mrs Lotte Slee

KS2 Teaching Staff

KS2 Teaching Staff 1 Year 3/4 Teacher - Mrs Ellie Clarke
KS2 Teaching Staff 2 Year 3/4 Teacher - Miss Tara Francis
KS2 Teaching Staff 3 Year 3/4 Teacher - Miss Kay Ord
KS2 Teaching Staff 4 Year 5/6 Teacher - Miss Abi Bointon
KS2 Teaching Staff 5 Year 5/6 Teacher - Miss Katie Golden
KS2 Teaching Staff 6 Year 5/6 Teacher - Mr Joe Elwood
KS2 Teaching Staff 7 KS2 Teacher - Mrs Ruth Hathway

Specialist Teachers

Specialist Teachers 1 Phonics Leader - Miss Hannah Beeks
Specialist Teachers 2 Reading Recovery Teacher - Mrs Margaret Casserley
Specialist Teachers 3 SENCO - Nicolette Jones

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Miss Samantha Pruett
Support Staff 2 Mrs Alison Stenner
Support Staff 3 Ms Carole Davidson
Support Staff 4 Ms Sarah Oakley
Support Staff 5 Ms Teresa Fitzgerald
Support Staff 6 Mr James Pearce
Support Staff 7 Miss Sophie Jenkins
Support Staff 8 Mr Neil Osborn
Support Staff 9 Ms Philippa Tay
Support Staff 10 Miss Jess Wilkes
Support Staff 11 Mrs Tracy Maddaford
Support Staff 12 Mrs Justine Lewis

Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff 1 Business Manager - Ms Julia Ringrose
Administrative Staff 2 Bursar - Mrs Ellen Ford
Administrative Staff 3 Receptionist - Miss Jessica Claridge
Administrative Staff 4 Receptionist - Mrs Audra Atkins


Caretaker 1 Mr Neil Iles

School Meals Supervisory Assistants

School Meals Supervisory Assistants 1 Mrs Bev Collins
School Meals Supervisory Assistants 2 Miss Amy Collins
School Meals Supervisory Assistants 3 Miss Helena Euenden
School Meals Supervisory Assistants 4 Miss Jane Faulkner
School Meals Supervisory Assistants 5 Mrs Maninder Kaur
School Meals Supervisory Assistants 6 Miss Rita Golding