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Each term every class will complete a fiction and a non fiction unit of work. 


Fiction Writing. 


At Badock's Wood we teach writing through an adaptation of a program called, 'Talk for Writing.' The writing progresses through a three week cycle called, 'Imitate, Innovate and Invent.' Pupils spend the first of these weeks immersing themselves in the text and learning it really well. They sometimes depict the text in pictures using a process which is known as 'story mapping.' During the second week pupils use their own ideas and innovations to make changes to the text and create their own stories using a similar plot or theme. In the final week of the unit pupils use their learning of the previous two weeks to invent and write their own stories. 


Non Fiction

Non fiction is taught in a similar way to fiction but instead of a 'Invent' week at the end of the three week cycle, children engage with a 'Cross Curricular Application' week. This means that they are able to apply their learning from other areas of the curriculum to their writing. 


Throughout the units there are lots of opportunities for pupils to discuss their work, engage in activities such as role play and presenting and orally rehearse what they want to say. This gives them the building blocks to be able to produce some effective pieces of writing.